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Resident DJ/organiser of the long running Osaka-based event, Satellite, and previous co-organizer of event/label, Perfect Touch. 
大阪に拠点を置く「Satellite」のレジデント兼オーガナイザー。またイベント兼レベル「Perfect Touch」の(元)共同主催者。

Mightwhales has been making the rounds in Western Japan since 2010.

With a wide range of influences including jazz, funk, 80's disco/R&B, and the beat scene, his sets often journey through a plethora of sounds from melodic, heady atmospheres to sweaty, energetic exercises in disco/funk appreciation.

Over the past few years he's been busy organizing events/tours in Japan while supporting renowned acts such as Gilles Peterson, Shigeto, Mad Mats, Dego, Soichi Terada, Aroop Roy, Flako, Photay, Starro, Free the Robots, Pinch, Kan Sano, Aoki Takamasa, Anchorsong, Yoshihiro Okino, Dazzle Drums, and Seiho, to name a few.

Resident Advisor